The Writing Brain

iEvery day nonstop.

Quoth The Wordsmith

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircase 2012 I am always thinking about writing. Whether I am in the garden, playing video games, or on the phone with a friend. Just about everything sparkles with the beginning of a story when I think about it. Whether a long tale, or a short one. Poems sprout up among the dirt and the weeds as I prepare the earth for planting. Butterflies pull trails of words behind them as they dip and hover through my yard. Stories dance and squeal as they grasp at the heels of my romping dogs. Beginnings float up into the air through the evaporation over my saucepan. Endings whisper in the sunsets and the melting snow.

Everything speaks to me, and it is both a welcome experience as well as a curse. It’s hard to just “be” when your brain is constantly running. When I dream, my dreams are often vivid, and I will wake with…

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