What’s the deal with that hashtag thing?

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Last weekend, at the blogging panel (which, by the way, was a blast) during the question and answer period, a woman asked about hashtags – “what are they?”

facebook-hashtagIf she asked that, then I figured someone else in our audience might have the same question. Here is the scoop about hashtags.

A hashtag is just that little crossed symbol on your keypad that used to be called the number sign (#).

It’s used on social media (mostly Twitter but it’s on other sites, like Facebook, as well) as a way to do searches. Hashtagged words act as keywords in a search. Think about it, how many words do you know in the English language that start with #? I’m guessing that you can’t come up with many. Because of this, hashtags are used on the internet as a way to easily do searches.

Finding information with Hashtags

Let’s say I’m…

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Brings back memories of my first pet. A dog who followed me everywhere I went.

The Byronic Man

When I found Bailey at the pound, he was so malnourished that the Humane Society mis-identified him as a hound dog – just a depressed pile of bones and droopy skin. He could only walk about 15 feet at a time before he’d need to stop and rest for a moment.

Then, as we fed him and exercised him he grew. And grew. I went from being able to pick him up and put him in the back of the car to, well, having to just swear at him helplessly if he didn’t feel like getting in. This was 12 years ago. He’d eventually get to about 150 pounds, almost no fat. His dog bed was a twin mattress.

He was never an easy dog. Not even the rosiest of glasses could paint that image. He was protective and bad with strangers and would shed baffling amounts. More than once…

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Why Are Zombies Consuming Our Culture?

Zombies!!!… had to stop and read. I enjoyed reading your blog. I felt like I was there listening to him singing and saying “zombie”… thanks..

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 8.07.00 AM This poster for sale HERE.

Eh, it’s Friday, so we’re going to have a little fun debate. ZOMBIES. I never actively intended the undead to be part of my author brand, but strangely? It fits. Just take one glance at an author trying to make deadline (hmmm, word choice?) or someone who’s been through Revision Hell? The term “Walking Dead” fits. These poor souls shamble around moaning. They wear stained clothes, coffee mug in hand and have that creepy thousand-yard stare.

Don’t shoot! Well, unless it’s a tranquilizer gun because that is the only way many writers in these stages are going to get any sleep.

Jokes aside, why have zombies invaded pop culture?

The Spawn and Zombies

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.31.51 AM

It started out kinda cute. It was Halloween and Spawn was three. But first, a tad of backstory so y’all have context.

When Spawn was slightly less than two, he began…

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Israel: Found

Found: Beginnings, endings, and the moments in between

It is easy, I think, to travel somewhere and feel that you have ventured outside of reality. Maybe it was different when more people reached vacation destinations by car, children’s sweaty elbows pressed together in the back of the Cadillac, the whole vehicle smelling like potato chips, road signs out the window the objects of games of iSpy. Cities becoming countryside, countryside becoming cities, at so many miles per hour.

Or maybe we still felt it then, that displacement from actual life into imagined territory. Maybe it was only back when we travelled by horseback, stopping overnight at beer-filled inns, the bouncing of the saddle indicating the texture of the ground, that the journey was salient enough to bound us to our place of origin.

Airplanes provide transportation relatively lacking in sensory experience. If you’re cramped into the middle, you only see…

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