Israel: Found

Found: Beginnings, endings, and the moments in between

It is easy, I think, to travel somewhere and feel that you have ventured outside of reality. Maybe it was different when more people reached vacation destinations by car, children’s sweaty elbows pressed together in the back of the Cadillac, the whole vehicle smelling like potato chips, road signs out the window the objects of games of iSpy. Cities becoming countryside, countryside becoming cities, at so many miles per hour.

Or maybe we still felt it then, that displacement from actual life into imagined territory. Maybe it was only back when we travelled by horseback, stopping overnight at beer-filled inns, the bouncing of the saddle indicating the texture of the ground, that the journey was salient enough to bound us to our place of origin.

Airplanes provide transportation relatively lacking in sensory experience. If you’re cramped into the middle, you only see…

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