The Second Backstool, Designed for Work (or Space?)

Lost Art Press

backstollII_seat_IMG_0224 The underside of the seat of the backstool.

The second backstool for “The Furniture of Necessity” is going to be significantly different than the first three-legged example from last month.

I’ve slimmed the seat down and replaced its rounded shape with tapers and flat chamfers. Though there is still one curve at the rear that will mimic the crest’s curve.

The seat will be a bit lower than the first example, which was tall enough to sit at a modern dining table. This one is going to be a few inches lower so it will be suited for work by the fireplace, playing guitar or drinking a beer in the living room with friends.

backstool_II_legs_IMG_0228 The smushed hexagon legs. majQa’!

I’m experimenting with the legs. While the first backstool had tapered and shaved round legs, this one is going to have tapered octagons or (maybe) smushed hexagons. I have two sets…

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