Cutting Board from “Slöjd in Wood”

Cutting boards colorful color with artistic design on one side and actual cutting surface on the flip side.

Lost Art Press

This is an excerpt from “Slöjd in Wood” by Jögge Sundqvist.

This cutting board is based on ones I saw in Norway. One side had a decoration painted on it and faced outward when it hung on the wall. The other side was the real cutting board and unpainted. A cutting board gets tough treatment. In frequent contact with water, it swells and shrinks again and again, so the wood changes in volume.

A cutting board with a glue joint cracks sooner or later. If you use a single board from the outer part of a straight-grown trunk, where the annual rings are of more or less of equal length, it warps to be slightly convex on the cutting side and is stable.

CB2 Cutting board with heart side down. You cut food on the heart side. This side is convex when it has dried, so the water drains off. It also sits steadier on the…

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