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Last month I wrote a blog post about procrastination. Today I want to tell you how I actually get myself to sit down and write. Sometimes an idea comes and I just sit down and start writing. Or I jot down the idea and sit down and write as soon as I have a free […]

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When is it Done? — Lost Art Press

When I make things for sale – chairs, hammers, tool chests, workbenches, whatever – I struggle with when to let the things go out of my hands and into the world. Sometimes I think I have two choices: Perfection first. I first need to get all the details perfect no matter how long it takes. […]

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Character Growth/Arc #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

When we think of epic fantasy, the first books that come to mind are J.R.R.Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien’s work was compelling not only for the quality of his prose and the events, but for the characters and how they grew and changed in the course of their adventures.

Genre authors spend a lot of time plotting the events a character will go through. Equal time must be given to character development.

A great story evolves when the antagonist and protagonist are strong but not omnipotent. Both the antagonist and protagonist must have character arcs that show personal growth or inability to grow.

Sometimes, an antagonist’s weakness is their inability to accept change and adapt to it. Other times, events cause them to devolve, sending them into a downward spiral. Either way, for the antagonist to be realistic, this must be clearly shown.


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Adult visions

Honestly,  even at a very young age , being a grown up  meant strength and power to achieve greatness and numerous accomplishments.  From the superman comics, to watching John Wayne movies,  and watching my dad and his brothers build our home. Through my very young eyes there wasn’t anything grown ups couldn’t do. Once I asked my uncle  “what do I have to do to be like you?”. The answer was “drink”, my dad intervene and said “he means drink all your milk”. Now? Getting closer to 70, I think the kid in me never left. My grand kids think I’m being funny and silly, honestly, I’m thankful and grateful that I have the ability to act like a kid with my wife, kids, and grandchildren.


Every year we go to the beach to gather with friends and family. One of our favorite things is to look for shells. The shells that catch my eye are the broken
pieces….like these. The ones that have been broken so long and been tumbled around in the ocean so much that their edges are smoothed out and rounded.

God notices the broken too. Broken ones like you and me. The ones with shattered dreams and splintered lives. Those of us wondering what’s next because everything we’ve known before is gone. The weary ones and sick ones and those of us asking what it’s all for. The ones of us with doubts and fears. Those with regrets and mistakes and failures stacked up high. Those of us on the edge of something new but scared to take the leap.

He sees you. But more than that….He loves you.

Give Him…

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Cutting Board from “Slöjd in Wood”

Cutting boards colorful color with artistic design on one side and actual cutting surface on the flip side.

Lost Art Press

This is an excerpt from “Slöjd in Wood” by Jögge Sundqvist.

This cutting board is based on ones I saw in Norway. One side had a decoration painted on it and faced outward when it hung on the wall. The other side was the real cutting board and unpainted. A cutting board gets tough treatment. In frequent contact with water, it swells and shrinks again and again, so the wood changes in volume.

A cutting board with a glue joint cracks sooner or later. If you use a single board from the outer part of a straight-grown trunk, where the annual rings are of more or less of equal length, it warps to be slightly convex on the cutting side and is stable.

CB2 Cutting board with heart side down. You cut food on the heart side. This side is convex when it has dried, so the water drains off. It also sits steadier on the…

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Maria Popova on Evergreen Ideas and Rethinking the Meaning of Content

A straight look at “Content”.

Own Your Content

To create work that touches people’s lives in ten, a hundred, or a thousand years from now is both a humbling and unexpected reward of one’s effort. But we do not determine whether something is timeless or not; we simply create from the heart, telling the truth about what we see and why it matters, and we ship. You might not be around for the praise, but the choice to be present while enjoying the process is available daily.

We spoke to Maria Popova, founder of Brain Pickings—a cross-pollination of ideas from a diversity of domains in the pursuit of understanding why we’re here and how we can live well.

She shares her insights on what she has learned studying timeless ideas, producing an evergreen body of work, the origin of ‘content’ and why we need to reframe how we think about it.

Your insatiable curiosity and love for…

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